About this project

The “Climbing Like Ibrahim” Project

What if we were not vaccinated against polio ? What would have been the most challenging task to do on a daily basis ?
Many answers came out: it would have not been easy to walk, to run, to ski, to play soccer or basketball, etc.

Thanks to the Rotary and its programs like “Polio +” and “End Polio Now”, a simple walk to school doesn’t have to be as difficult as reaching the summit of the highest mountains in the world.

The Rotaract Paris Haussmann wants Polio to be eradicated so that no more children will have to accomplish this extraordinary challenge every day.

The project “Climbing Like Ibrahim” is about :

  • Raising the flag of “End Polio Now” on the top of highest mountains around the world
  • Raising funds for the climb and for the PolioPlus program
  • Promoting the “End Polio Now” cause in France and around the world via the mass media and the social networks (Facebook, Twitter) by telling people that the Rotary is “this close” make history

Since 1985, with the lead of Rotary, through its ‘Polio +’ and ‘End Polio Now’ programs, more than 2,5 billion children have been vaccinated against polio thanks to the unprecedented cooperation of more than 200 countries and 20 million volunteers, sustained by an international investment of more than 8 billion USD.
Today, only 3 endemic countries remain, and the annual number of polio cases has greatly diminished by over 99%.


Join us in order to make sure that no child will ever have to confront a mountain to simply get to go to school.

Rotaract Paris Haussmann